My name is Melissa Morehead, I am The Barn Fairy.

The Barn Fairy started out of necessity in 2011 when I was working at a hunter jumper farm. The farm did not have a washing machine on the premises, so several times a week, a pile of sweaty saddle pads and leg wraps went to my home to be washed. Then winter came and the blankets started. I have been learning along the way and have developed a whole process, beginning with our pickup inventory, our prewash process, tagging, drying, repairs, to our return delivery of clean, repaired, bagged items ready for storage.

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We use only Nikwax Rugwash and Nikwax Re-Proofer. Washing your waterproof horse blankets with regular detergent can reduce the integrity of the waterproof coatings; and in some instances, it also does not rinse out possibly causing your horse to be uncomfortable, which could lead to rubbing, tugging and repairs.  Hardware is replaced with high quality, stainless steel always when available to increase durability and reduce chances of rust.


We provide pickup and delivery at no charge to boarding facilities and professional training barns all over East Tennessee.


Your equipment is returned ready for storage.