021 I got my first horse, Amir El Din,  in 1986, a three year old purebred Arabian gelding, he was my greatest teacher and my soul mate. We learned how to do everything together and had a bond that I have not achieved since.

IMG10  My second purebred Arabian, a stallion TR Gretaan, came to me trained for dressage, so I went a new direction. Then I came to my senses and had him gelded, we had several wonderful years together too, he was a special boy, loved all kinds of fruit, especially watermelon and STRAWBERRIES! Sweet Sweet Tantaan, you are missed.

354   My third, is a 16.2 Thoroughbred, She’s Foxy aka Candy, quite an about face from my sweet boys, but we are learning each others ways. I planned to pursue more dressage with her, however life with a teenager got int he way, so we didn’t get far. Candy passed away in 2019, very suddenly, it was easy to make the decision to let her go as she was in considerable pain. 


Fairy working I have an accounting background and interests in photography, sculpture and cooking. My family owns a boarding facility in Lenoir City, TN where we also breed and sell endurance type Arabians and part Arabians. My husband helps, he also has a “square” job as a firefighter.

Sabre’s Token is my current guy. We bred him and the morning he was born I informed my mother that he was my next show horse. She didn’t believe me so It took us 8 years to get together and it was a twisted difficult road, but we are on our way, showing in the very beginnings of first level as of 2020, looking forward to regional roses someday!