021 I got my first horse, Amir El Din,  in 1986, a three year old purebred Arabian gelding, he was my greatest teacher and my soul mate. We learned how to do everything together and had a bond that I have not achieved since.

IMG10  My second purebred Arabian, a stallion TR Gretaan, came to me trained for dressage, so I went a new direction. Then I came to my senses and had him gelded, we had several wonderful years together too, he was a special boy, loved all kinds of fruit, especially watermelon and STRAWBERRIES! Sweet Sweet Tantaan, you are missed.

354   My third and current, is a 16.2 Thoroughbred, She’s Foxy aka Candy, quite an about face from my sweet boys, but we are learning each others ways. I plan to pursue more dressage with her, however after the track, she was a hunter for several years, not my cup of tea, but who knows?

Fairy working I have an accounting background and interests in photography, sculpture and cooking. My family owns a boarding facility in Lenoir City, TN where we also breed and sell endurance type Arabians and part Arabians. My husband helps, I call him my fairy slave, but he is really my hero, he also has a “square” job as a firefighter.