Gallery of Lost Causes Saved by a Thread

This gallery will hopefully reflect two things, that repairs, while sometimes costly,
are certainly more economical than replacement,
and give you an idea of what repairs will look like when complete.

014This lovely repair was done by a client out of necessity, but wowee, did that duct tape make a mess!

After cleaning and all patched up  003

002 I’m not sure how this could have happened without any injury to the horse,
but the grooms tried to “sew” it back together using a stocking,
for which they cut several holes along the tear.

011 After cleaning and repair. not perfect, but certainly usable again.


The front panel of this blanket was shredded by a naughty pony.

1798837_428741777259527_1138314287_n 1779325_428741750592863_2135438582_n

You can see, after patching inside and out, it is whole and usable again.

002 001

No before pic, but as you can see the back 1/4 of this blanket was torn off. I replaced it with a piece destined for the trash off another of this clients items.

039 038

Again, no before, but this one had all of it’s straps disintegrating. I replaced the surcingles, front closure and binding, (binding because the wool Bakers cannot remain unbound due to fraying)